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Friday, October 04, 2019

Video: A game programmer's guide to the math of deep learning | Programming - Gamasutra

Photo: Alex Champandard
Check out this video by Alex Champandard, AI expert and Co-founder of

In this 2017 GDC talk,'s Alex Champandard looks at the mathematics behind deep neural networks and how to apply it to game development for fun and (hopefully!) profit...

It's a few years old now, but Champandard's talk is still rich in useful learnings and practical math you can apply to your own projects, so take advantage of the fact that it's now available to watch for free on the official GDC YouTube channel!

About the GDC Vault 

In addition to this presentation, the GDC Vault and its accompanying YouTube channel offers numerous other free videos, audio recordings, and slides from many of the recent Game Developers Conference events, and the service offers even more members-only content for GDC Vault subscribers...

Source: Gamasutra