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Saturday, February 08, 2020

Penn State Music Lab Helps People Find Their Voices | Penn State - State College News

Brian Nichols grew up in a household with two deaf parents. Without a radio in the house for years, he and his sister had an unconventional introduction to music by

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"We would take my mom's keys and go outside to the car and listen to tapes in the tape deck," said Nichols, an assistant professor of music at Penn State.

Now he and his lab of graduate and undergraduate students are focused on music and people's voices. Nichols is director of the Pitch Exploration Lab, which does research into how singing and voice affect the brain. Topics include understanding the pitch range in familiar songs and helping people protect their voices...

Scott Atchison is a Ph.D. student in music education and a member of the lab. He says the projects benefit everybody, regardless of singing ability. 
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Source: State College News