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Friday, July 31, 2020

Covington uses drones to check roads | Local - WDBJ

When a road is undermined from heavy rains, of course it has to be fixed by Bruce Young, Reporter.

Photo: Screenshot from WDBJ's Video
“It’s a roadway that’s used very frequently,” said Trevor Ragno of Aeronyde, standing near the road work. “And it’s very critical for them to get this roadway repaired and up in working condition again as soon as possible.”

And one way to speed things up is a drone, launched to scan the area of the damage to let them know just what needs to be done with a 3-D map...

Covington City Manager Krystal Onaitis said, “They’re able to catch things that the actual eye can’t, even trained inspectors, and the efficiency that they’re able to do it.”

It’s a process they’ve been doing with a little less urgency for the city all along Route 220.

Source: WDBJ