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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Futurelab's news July 2008

Here is Futurelab's news, which aims to keep you informed about their latest projects, resources and events.

Challenging Learner Voice - 23 October.

Futurelab's autumn conference will take place on 23 October at Warwick University Conference Park. This one-day event will offer an opportunity to challenge existing notions and interpretations of what 'learner voice' should mean in practice. Speakers confirmed so far include Michael Fielding (University of London) and Lynn Davies (University of Birmingham). Full details and online booking will be available soon but to register your interest in the meantime please e-mail

Outcomes from Informal Learning Co-design workshop.

In May, 26 young people (16-19 years old) came together to explore their ideas about how they learn and use technologies outside school. This workshop was held to include the voices of young people in current debates about informal learning and new technology. A report and video reflect some of activities and discussions from this event.

Latest web articles.

Our latest articles include: 'Mind the gap – open source is a player', in which Merlin John explores how open source is bringing major savings and quality support for teaching and learning at Cottenham Village College; and 'Rewarding risk: how e-scape changes learning', a report by Kim Thomas on Alexandra Park School's involvement in the latest phase of Goldsmiths' research project.

Source: Futurelab

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eLearning Papers n° 9 (2008)

Read the latest issue of eLearning Papers below.

Today’s learning management systems can be perceived as islands – islands in the vast sea of learning possibilities the World Wide Web offers. Not only content can be obtained, refined and selected; learners can also adopt those tools which are important for their purposes, create their own and individual learning portals, tag content or register RSS feeds informing about news relevant to them.
The keyword web 2.0 makes it possible: Moving away from standard learning management systems ("one for all" technique) to Personalised Learning Environments ("one for me" technique) consisting of snips, bits and pieces, collections of tools and services which are bundled to individual and/ or shared landscapes of knowledge, experiences and contacts. It is a shift from the island paradigm of the LMS technique to understanding the web as a door, a portal to learning opportunities.
While we have already claimed individualisation of education through e-learning in the past, Personalised Learning Environments (PLE) are now truly offering it.
The eLearning Papers offers in this issue a selection of articles about Personalised Learning Environments.

Enjoy reading these articles!

Source: eLearning Papers

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Monday, July 14, 2008

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies Vol 2, No 3 (2008)

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) has just published its latest issue.

Just look at this interesting line-up below.

Special Focus Papers

Implementation of a Mobile Accessible Remote Lab
Michael E. Auer, Danilo Garbi Zutin andA.Y. Al-Zoubi
pp. 7-10.


An Adaptation of E-learning Standards to M-learning
Najima Daoudi and Rachida Ajhoun
pp. 11-16.


The Role of Podcasts in Students’ Learning
Laurel Evelyn Dyson
pp. 17-21.


Transformable Menu Component for Mobile Device Applications: Working with both Adaptive and Adaptable User Interfaces
Vlado Glavinic, Sandi Ljubic and Mihael Kukec
pp. 22-27.


An Online Environment for Academics and Professionals to Locate Collaborators and Refine Ideas
David Guralnick and Christine Levy
pp. 28-30.


A collaborative webbased framework with optimized mobile synchronisation: Upgrading to Medicine 2.0
Pieter Leonard Kubben
pp. 31-33.


Mobility through Location-based Services at University
Sergio Martin, Elio Sancristobal, Rosario Gil, Manuel Castro and Juan Peire
pp. 34-40.


Managing Social Activity and Participation in Large Classes with Mobile Phone Technology
Andrew Thatcher and Gillian Mooney
pp. 41-51.


A Self-Regulated Learning Approach: A Mobile Context-aware and Adaptive Learning Schedule (mCALS) Tool
Jane Yau and Mike Joy

pp. 52-57.

Enjoy your reading!

Source: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE, Volume 9, Number 3, Juli 2008

TOJDE is appeared now as Volume 9, Number 3.
This is the third issue of the year 2008.

In this issue is published 1 Note for Editor, 15 articles, already 2 book reviews and this time 27 authors from 11 different countries are placed.
These published articles are from Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, SriLanka, Turkey and USA.


Source: Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Art of Learning Better: 101 Tips to Find and Fit Your Learning Style by Christina Laun

Take a look at these few tips to help you start improving your learning experience by helping make it work a little better with your needs, whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.

Sometimes, information is hard to understand just because it’s presented in a manner that just doesn’t quite appeal to the way we like to learn best. While it isn’t always possible to take every class or complete every project in a way that fits into your
individual style, there are ways that you can help to ensure that you’re making the most of the material at hand.

About is a leading online resource for current teachers, and aspiring education students and student teachers.

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