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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Unique Bookstores Around The World | Culture - Unreserved Media

If you love books and reading, there’s a place in every corner of the world to satisfy your curiosity.

Photo: Bed and Book

We all enjoy unwinding with a good book. Did you know that each city in the world houses iconic bookstores? From its rich history, rare collections and ambience each bookstore has its own unique charm ready to be discovered. There’s a new trend of sleeping among books in Tokyo and Koh Samui, Thailand has a resort dedicated to book lovers.

Here Unreserved uncovers our favourite bookstores from around the world.

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Source: Unreserved Media

Oxford bookshop to become centre for the homeless | Oxford Mail

A former Christian bookshop in east Oxford is to become a centre for the homeless. 

Photo: St Andrew’s Bookshop
For decades St Andrew’s Bookshop on the corner of St Clement’s and Boulter Street spread the gospel but it closed last year during the coronavirus pandemic. Now the ground-floor shop area is being converted into a day centre for rough sleepers and others experiencing problems with homelessness...

Rev Gurr said the new base would work closely with homelessness agencies in the city and would get referrals from them.

She added: “It’s not a drop-in centre but it will be somewhere people can go for a coffee and a shower and there will be computers people can use.

“Initially it will run three days a week including one day over the weekend and there will be a high ratio of volunteers to guests...

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Source: Oxford Mail

11 Brilliant Books That Explore Our Relationship With Nature | Books - BuzzFeed News

Perfect for celebrating Earth Day by Sarah Neilson, freelance writer.

Milkweed Editions, Two Lines Press, Counterpoint, FSG

As we move deeper into a climate change–affected world, our relationships with the earth are changing. These relationships are varied — micro and macro, obvious and subtle, painful and loving; this planet and our connection to it is nothing if not multifaceted. The following books, new and forthcoming, explore the natural world, reckon with humanity in an environmental context, and chronicle the many aspects of life on earth.

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Source: BuzzFeed News

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Top 5 e-learning platforms: Udemy, MasterClass, Udacity, and more | Features - BGR India

Top 5 e-learning platforms: Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, MasterClass, here are the best e-learning platforms for learning new skills, exploring new content, recommends Meghna Dutta, Author at BGR India.

Photo: BGR India
The novel coronavirus pandemic has changed our lifestyle both in personal and professional terms. In less than a year, the disruption everted day-to-day lives around the world. The pandemic has not just affected livelihoods but strained ‘societal bonds’ as well. Many were led to make an abrupt shift to work from home. But amidst the bleak outlook, people have begun/are trying to adapt to the new normal. E-learning platforms have played a vital role to help people adjust and normalize remote work over the past few months.  While some companies just briefly opened, the surge in COVID cases has forced many to extend work from home norms. In case your work life has turned dull as dishwater and you are finding it hard to re-adjust to being locked in four walls, you can check these e-learning platforms to learn some new skills and explore something fun. As a folk rightly says, ‘Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.

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Source: BGR India

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning | Technology - About Manchester

Distance learning is not a novel phenomenon by About Manchester

Photo: About Manchester

It has assisted higher-education institutions for a long time. COVID-19 in 2020 has only accelerated its maturation.

What’s distance learning?

Distance education, as opposed to face-to-face conventional education, is a method that uses online platforms for discourse between students and educators. It allows students to study remotely, beyond the bounds of a classroom...

Through e-learning for special education, they can study from the comfort of their homes. E-learning special education is not only beneficial for disabled students, but also for quick and slow learners who would rather learn at their own pace, with minimum stress in the comfort of their homes...


Remote studies may be the future of education, but people have to adapt for this to work. Institutions should remodel all courses to conform well with this method of learning.

Although the world will fall back to semi-conventional education methods after the pandemic, remote schooling will continue to be prominent. The smart move is for people to acclimatize now and find ways around any obstacles of studying from home. It is the only sure way of staying ahead as further changes come.

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Source: About Manchester

Schools in the pandemic: Seeking education equity for India’s marginalized kids | Feature Stories - Microsoft

Abhishek Mande Bhot, independent writer and editor covering news, lifestyle, and luxury for publications in India and the US explains, A nonprofit looks to technology so under-privileged students can learn in the classroom and remotely.

Jaira Amzad Ali, attends an online class from the confines of her home. Teachers like Aggarwal say Teams is a safe place for the students as only those invited can enter an online class.
Photo: Amit Verma for Microsoft

When the whole of India went into a sudden COVID-19 lockdown last year Uzma Bano’s first thought was: “I won’t be able to go to school.”

Learning was something the 7th grader always looked forward to. The classroom was a daily escape from the confines of her home in the capital Delhi–a single 150-square-feet room she shares with her parents and elder brother, Shahi.

Uzma’s father Shakeel Ahmed earns around USD 6 a day as a carpenter or laborer when he can find shift work. With so little, surviving is tough. But unlike other poor families who often rely on their children to skip classes to earn extra cash, the Ahmeds always made sure their kids attended lessons...

Nowadays, the organization is developing solutions that blend classroom learning with remote learning to help communities with limited financial resources. To do so it’s working with decision-makers in the tech sector, like Farhana Haque, group director for devices at Microsoft India.

“During the pandemic we realized how privileged we were. While our children were attending classes online, so many others could not,” she says. “Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more–so we asked ourselves what we could do as a company.”...

“The way of teaching has changed completely and forever for the schools that we support,” TFI’s Gulati says. “Blended learning is here to stay, and students need to be equipped to adjust in such an environment, which means they’d be learning (in-person) in classrooms but also with technology, outside of classrooms. That’s where our focus will have to be.”

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Source: Microsoft 

PTBOCanada Featured Post: Summer Programs at Lakefield College School | Education - PTBOCanada

This year, Lakefield College School is offering a variety of in-person, remote and blended learning programs to students seeking challenging and fun academic and recreational opportunities, inform PTBOCanada.
Photo: PTBOCanada

They can select from a range of unique programs to learn in and through the outdoors while enjoying their beautiful campus facilities and waterfront...

When students arrive on the LCS campus, they will be immersed in English or French, applying their new vocabulary and skills in outdoor classrooms and activities. They can enjoy paddling, camping, building fires, identifying native plants and animals and much more.


Source: PTBOCanada

After a year of digital learning and virtual teaching, let’s hear it for the joy of real books | Reading - The Conversation AU

Kathryn MacCallum, Associate Professor of Digital Education Futures within the School of Educational Studies and Leadership at the University of Canterbury, NZ observes, We know COVID-19 and its associated changes to our work and learning habits caused a marked increase in the use of technology. 

Photo: Shutterstock

More surprising, perhaps, is the impact these lockdowns have had on children’s and young people’s self-reported enjoyment of books and the overall positive impact this has made on reading rates.

A recent survey from the UK, for example, showed children were spending 34.5% more time reading than they were before lockdown. Their perceived enjoyment of reading had increased by 8%...

These findings suggest physical books continue to play a critical role in fostering young children’s love of reading and learning. At a time when technology is clearly influencing reading habits and teaching practices, can we really expect the love of reading to be fostered by sitting alone on a digital device?...

...pandemic that has accelerated digital progress, we can’t let these developments obscure the place of real books in real — as opposed to virtual — lives.

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Source: The Conversation AU  

Digital learning to assume new importance, says OUP report | Teaching and learning - Education Technology

A global report by Oxford University Press found that 98% of education experts expect blended learning to become predominant, as Julian Owen, freelance journalist reports.

Photo: Education Technology

The vast majority of global education experts think that digital learning will be central to teaching in the coming years, according to a report published today (8 April).

Ninety-eight percent of those responding to a global poll by Oxford University Press (OUP) expected a hybrid model in education – combining digital and traditional methods of teaching and learning – to become predominant.

While the shift towards digital learning has been steadily progressing for some time, it has undoubtedly been accelerated by teaching experiences during the pandemic...

“We have a huge opportunity to learn from all our experience to develop education systems that will work for both local and global society.”

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Source: Education Technology

Friday, April 09, 2021

How women have shaped philosophy: nine female philosophers our authors admire | Books - OUPblog

When asked to name a philosopher, it is more than likely that many of the major thinkers that spring to mind will be male by OUP Philosophy.

Photo: ‘Ma(r)y Sinclair entering Kensington Women’s Social & Political Union shop’ via LSE Library (Flickr).
Throughout history, men have dominated the philosophical canon, with women vastly underrepresented. However, we can in fact trace women engaging in philosophical discourse back to ancient times. There is a long and rich tradition of female thinkers who have made important contributions to philosophy, and whose works merit further recognition.

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month this month, we asked some of our authors to tell us about a female philosopher they admire, and why. Read their responses below for an illuminating and varied look at female thinkers and the contributions they have made to the field.

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