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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Suggested Books Today | Books - Helge Scherlund's eLearning News

Many books have been written about Leonardo da Vinci. Check out these books on Leonardo da Vinci by

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Leonardo's Notebooks 

Da Vinci's Ghost:
The untold story of Vitruvian Man
The collection of writings and art in this magnificent book are drawn from his notebooks. The book organizes his wide range of interests into subjects such as human figures, light and shade, perspective and visual perception, anatomy, botany and landscape, geography, the physical sciences and astronomy, architecture, sculpture, and inventions.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci
The author of the acclaimed bestsellers Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography...

...He explored the math of optics, showed how light rays strike the cornea, and produced illusions of changing perspectives in The Last Supper. Isaacson also describes how Leonardo's lifelong enthusiasm for staging theatrical productions informed his paintings and inventions. 

Leonardo Da Vinci - The 100 Milestones

Leonardo Da Vinci:
The 100 Milestones
...Leonardo books, this volume written by one of the world s top Leonardo experts - looks at 100 key Leonardo milestones across his oeuvres of art, science, engineering, architecture, anatomy and more.
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Living with Leonardo - Fifty Years of Sanity and Insanity in the Art World and Beyond

Living with Leonardo:
Fifty Years of Sanity and Insanity in the Art World and Beyond
Living with Leonardo is a set of highly focused memoirs, a personal journey interwoven with historical research that encapsulates the author s relationship with Leonardo da Vinci over more than half a century. 
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Artists' Letters - Leonardo da Vinci to David Hockney
Artists' Letters:
Leonardo da Vinci to David Hockney
Correspondence, some of which includes sketches and drawings, is reproduced with the transcript and some background and contextual information alongside. The book brings together a collection of treasures found in letters, which in our digital age are an increasingly lost art.