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Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: Pearson digits by MaryAnn Karre

Pearson's digits is a comprehensive middle grades math curriculum program that is completely written to the Common Core State Standards, and which integrates lesson planning, homework management, intervention, and assessment, all within a user-friendly design that encourages class collaboration via interactive whiteboards.

Designed to be used in a technology-rich middle grade environment, digits could successfully replace traditional math instruction, and enable teachers to easily blend data-driven instruction, assessment and intervention into an effective teaching tool. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards, and meets state requirements for on-level content in classes made up of students of widely varying abilities. 

  • Having digits in the classroom is like having personalized textbooks for each student, which assess the individual's progress, support deficiencies, and extend learning for those who excel.
  • Personalized study plans and homework assignments which are auto-corrected and reported provide an effective school-to-home-to-school connection which streamlines teacher preparation and allows for increased and more targeted instruction time.
  • Digits allows teachers and districts to adapt to revisions of the Common Core Standards as they move towards implementation; digits will be able to roll out content updates, and andwill offer standardized test practice appropriate to each state’s assessment system.

Source: Tech & Learning and Pearson Education

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chlorinebrain said...

Digits is being used in my school and most of the children are now failing math! They do not have a textbook at all - they do not get the simple repetition of working the math concepts out on paper. All they get are story problems and without the base knowledge of how to actually WORK the math for the story problem they are not LEARNING the basic mathematical process on how to solve it!

Mar said...

My daughter is in 7th grade and is in the Pearson Digits PreAlgrbra accelerated program. This is not by choice as my daughter has a few learning differences couple days with dyscalculia. Math has always been a struggle.

My daughter attends a private school where we pay more than $30K a year for her eductaion. The school only offers the accelerated version of this PreAlgebra course and I am beyond frustrated. My daughter confidence has plummeted and has a strong disdain for math class.

DOes anyone have any experience with this DIgits program and why a school would only offer the accelerated version? It is truly turning my daughter into a Math "hater"!

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Helge Scherlund said...

Hi Mar,

Thank you for dropping by.
I appreciate your comment.