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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Carlton math programs available for every type of learner

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Kristen McEwen writes, "If it weren’t for the accelerated math program at Carlton Comprehensive High School, students wouldn’t have the time to take other classes -- such as construction."

Four years ago, Grade 12 student Alex Zhou had the opportunity to take both of his Grade 9 math classes in one semester, which opened up a timeslot in his final high school year, he explained as he brushed sawdust from his clothes.

“Carlton has really allowed me to customize my math profile here because I find myself as a faster learner than … it seems like the average student,” Zhou said.

“I was put in a group of kids who were really fast at learning too and it really helped me develop my education better,” he added.

Zhou plans to take an engineering program either through the University of Alberta or the University of Waterloo once he’s graduated.

Learning leader Carey Lehner and Grade 12 Alex Zhou stand in front of a word cloud stenciled on one of the walls in the hallway at Carlton Comprehensive High School. The word cloud is comprised of comments from students about the math courses at Carlton.
© Herald photo by Kristen McEwen

An accelerated math program is one of many math programs currently being offered at Carlton.

The math department also plans to expand in the New Year with their first year university calculus course, said learning leader Carey Lehner.

“That’s exciting for these kids too,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to have a teacher that you’re comfortable with, learning your first year of calculus from university. We didn’t have any of that when I started here.”

Lehner began teaching at Carlton during the 2001-2002 school year. At the time, the school offered basic math classes for students, where each grade offered two math classes, one per semester.
“Then we also have the other end -- we take a Grade 10 course, which is specifically one semester, and we’ve extended it over the whole year for students who need the extra time,” Lehner said.
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Source: Prince Albert Daily Herald