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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Resonant Games Released by The MIT Press | Massachusetts Institute of Technolog

Our long awaited book, Resonant Games, is now available at all of the usual outlets, as MIT Press reports.

Resonant Games
Design Principles for Learning Games
that Connect Hearts, Minds, and the Everyday
Resonant Games is coauthored by lab members Eric Klopfer, Jason Haas, Scot Osterweil and Louisa Rosenheck.  This book distills “principles for designing educational games that integrate content and play and create learning experiences connecting to many areas of learners’ lives.”  It uses the context of a decade’s worth of educational game design to define a set of principles that others can use in studying, selecting and creating educational games.

Principles for designing educational games that integrate content and play and create learning experiences connecting to many areas of learners' lives. 

Too often educational videogames are narrowly focused on specific learning outcomes dictated by school curricula and fail to engage young learners. 
This book suggests another approach, offering a guide to designing games that integrates content and play and creates learning experiences that connect to many areas of learners' lives. These games are not gamified workbooks but are embedded in a long-form experience of exploration, discovery, and collaboration that takes into consideration the learning environment.  
Resonant Games describes twenty essential principles for designing games that offer this kind of deeper learning experience, presenting them in connection with five games or collections of games developed at MIT's educational game research lab, the Education Arcade.
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Photo: MIT News Office
MIT named No. 3 university by US News for 2019 by
Undergraduate engineering program is No. 1; undergraduate business program is No. 2.

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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MathWorks Expands Deep Learning Capabilities in Release 2018b of the MATLAB and Simulink Product Families | AI Deep Learning - insideBIGDATA

MathWorks introduced Release 2018b of MATLAB and Simulink written by

The release contains significant enhancements for deep learning, along with new capabilities and bug fixes across the product families. The new Deep Learning Toolbox, which replaces Neural Network Toolbox, provides engineers and scientists with a framework for designing and implementing deep neural networks. Now, image processing, computer vision, signal processing, and systems engineers can use MATLAB to more easily design complex network architectures and improve the performance of their deep learning models.

MathWorks recently joined the ONNX community to demonstrate its commitment to interoperability, enabling collaboration between users of MATLAB and other deep learning frameworks.

Source: insideBIGDATA

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Artificial Intelligence - How Far Will It Go? | Break Room - Toolbox

Robert Johnny Jr., Cyber Security Analyst, Alight Tech summarizes, "Artificial intelligence has been the hot topic in the information technology arena since quite some years." 

Photo: Pexels

Day by day the concept of artificial intelligence is getting powerful with new concepts and innovations. Now we know we have smart computers which can read, write, see, listen, speak and sense. Amazon echo or Google Donut is a good listener and gives us answers for our queries. Facial recognition is also a trending factors in the upcoming smart phones which is an application of Artificial Intelligence. The concept and meaning of Artificial Intelligence in times. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?
A computer or a software simulated with human intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence. If a computer or a software recognize something and act or make decision over that is application of Artificial Intelligence. Speech recognition is one of the example. Now a days banking sector and other companies are using this AI application for their customer support.

Source: Toolbox

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How Machine Learning Works and Why It’s Important | Industry Insights - PaymentsJournal

Photo: Lisa Froelings
"Artificial intelligence is one of the most compelling areas of computer science research" inform Lisa Froelings, business and productivity consultant.

Photo: PaymentsJournal

AI technologies have gone through periods of innovation and growth but never has AI research and development seemed as promising as it does now. This is due in part to amazing developments in machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

Machine learning, a cutting-edge branch of artificial intelligence, is propelling the AI field further than ever before. While AI assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Bixby are useful, if not amusing, applications of AI, they lack the ability to learn, self-correct, and self-improve.

They are unable to operate outside of their code, learn independently, and apply past experiences to new problems. Machine learning is changing that. Machines are able to grow outside their original code which allows them to mimic the cognitive processes of the human mind...

Machine learning and deep learning are exciting and alarming areas of research within AI. Endowing machines with the ability to learn certain tasks could be extremely useful, could increase productivity, and help expedite all sorts of activities, from search algorithms to data mining.

Deep learning provides even more opportunities for AI’s growth. As researchers delve deeper into deep learning, we could see machines that understand the mechanics behind learning itself, rather than simply mimicking intellectual tasks.
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Source: PaymentsJournal

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97 Percent Student Satisfaction Rate at Berklee Online | Berklee Online

The results of the 2018 Berklee Undergraduate Exit Survey are in, and Berklee Online is proud to report an unprecedented result of 97 percent overall satisfaction among graduating Berklee Online students! 

Photo: Berklee Online

Each year, Berklee’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) undertakes the sprawling effort to connect with every student graduating from Berklee College of Music, the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and Berklee Online. The Undergraduate Exit Survey is an opportunity to learn about the individual experiences of education at Berklee and the plans Berklee students take with them into their careers and lives. 

The Berklee Online class of 2018 are world-changers whose careers in Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Chile, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United States will be informed by what Berklee has taught them. Of the respondents, 79 percent are employed, self-employed, in an internship, or accepted/enrolled in continuing education. Of those already working, 78 percent are employed in the entertainment industry; the most common areas of employment are recording, live music, education, and technology. 

Learn more about Berklee Online, including their new Masters program here.
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Photo: Berklee Online
5 Tips for Covering Songs on YouTube by Berklee Online, online school of Berklee College of Music.  

Source: Berklee Online 

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The View from the NY Art Book Fair Zine Tent: 8 Zines You Want to Know About | Books - Hyperallergic

"This year’s zinesters brought some of the most playful, provocative, and interesting items on display, and here are some notable picks" says Deena ElGenaidi, writer and editor living in Brooklyn.

A History of Zines room at the NY Art Book Fair
Photo: Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic

Upon entering Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair at the Museum of Modern Art Ps1 for the first time, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event, with room after room of books, publishers, and artworks. The program alone, with its long list exhibitors, was enough to make my head spin. But after doing a quick walk-through of the space and learning a bit about the different rooms in this old public school building, I ventured towards the domed, white tents outside.

Having arrived somewhat early, I witnessed the bustling energy of people setting up their tables and preparing for the night ahead. If you do end up at the NY Art Book Fair this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the following tables and their incredible zines.

Source: Hyperallergic

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Friday, September 21, 2018

The Irish man putting his stamp on Copenhagen’s music scene | Work - The Irish Times

"Wild Geese: For Fergus Murphy, the best part of living in Denmark is work-life balance"  inform Barbara McCarthy, Freelance journalist and photographer - Ireland.

Fergus Murphy has lived in Copenhagen for 16 years with his family. Although he misses Ireland, he could never see himself leaving Denmark and all it has to offer.
Photo: The Irish Times
Fergus Murphy was well prepared for life in Denmark after spending much of his childhood in Cologne, Germany.

“I lived there from the age of four to 10, so I spoke German fluently. It came in handy when I was learning Danish down the line but, that said, Danish is no walk in the park and it’s taken me almost 16 years to master it. But I finally got there.”

Before he set foot on the Scandinavian peninsula, Murphy studied politics and German in UCD and completed an MA in political science, also in UCD...

Murphy had previously worked with the Red Bull Music Academy, a global music institution and platform, which fosters creativity and learning music. He took on various projects with them in the late noughties, before taking a full-time job as a studio manager in 2012.

“The position allowed me to work with a range of international musicians and develop quality collaborations with artists. I also worked on events at the likes of Roskilde festival, one of the biggest festivals in Europe which attracts over 130,000 people annually.”

As somewhat of an expert, Murphy is often called upon to give talks at festivals, including the Storm Electronic music festival and the Rhythmic music conservatory, as well as public talks in libraries. “There is a lot of support from the state here for music and the arts, so you get opportunities in many different forms.”

Source: The Irish Times

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Partners in Education: Music and learning | Education - WGBA-TV

At East Appleton High School, one teacher makes sure the class won't be bored or uninspired, continus WGBA-TV.

Photo: Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

English teacher Paul Miller says he picked up a ukulele seven years ago. He says he did it specifically for his class and he says it's been a hit... 

Students say, aside from the ukulele, Miller is a great English teacher who goes above and beyond to help his class succeed. Miller works to make the most of each class, and each moment, to brighten up a student's day.

Source: WGBA-TV

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

What to major in college? The most and least valuable degrees | New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Actuarial Science is the most valuable college major, says  

Photo: Carlos de Andres, Cover/Getty Images

Actuarial science is the most valuable college major, according to a new survey that ranks 162 majors based on average income and unemployment rates.

Adrian Garcia, an analyst with Bankrate, says actuaries are people you may want to thank or blame for the premiums you pay on car, home and health insurances. It's the top major because the average income is $109,000 and the unemployment rate is just 2.3 percent.

Garcia says the survey looked at how many graduates went on to get a master's or doctorate degree, knowing you may have to dip into your savings or take out loans to do that. But only 22 percent of actuaries did so, suggesting you can get a good job without having to have further schooling.

Actuarial science is considered a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degree, which dominates the Top 5 list. At No. 2 is zoology, followed by nuclear engineering, health and medical preparatory programs and applied mathematics — all with six-figure incomes and low unemployment rates.
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Source: New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio 

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University guide 2019: league table for mathematics | Education - The Guardian

The study of quantities through analysis, deduction and calculation - including mathematics, operational research and statistics.


Source: The Guardian

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