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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Book: Drupal in Education and E-Learning

Bill Fitzgerald, of FunnyMonkey, has written Drupal for Education and E-learning, expected from Packt Publishing October 2008.

Social media in the classroom provide unique opportunities for teaching and learning.

This book helps you break through the hype, and shows you how to build a site in Drupal that incorporates the Web in your class, on your terms, to achieve specific learning goals.
The book focuses around creating educational activities in Drupal, with lots of examples of realistic courses and classroom ideas – and how to implement them.
I could not have been written this book without the support and help of
fellow primates Marc Poris and Jeff Graham.
Also, Peter Wolanin and Michael Peacock, two of the technical editors, gave me some great feedback that helped during the revision process.

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About Bill Fitzgerald
He was born in 1968, and worked as a teacher for 16 years. During that time, he taught English and History, and worked as a Technology Director at the K12 level. Bill began using technology in his own teaching in the early 90s; from there, he moved on to database design and systems administration.
During that time, Bill began developing strategies to support technology integration in 1:1 laptop systems, and in desktop computing environments. In 2003, Bill and Marc Poris founded FunnyMonkey, a Drupal development shop working primarily within education.
Bill started and manages the Drupal in Education group on, and is active in various educational and open-source communities.
Bill blogs about education and technology at
When Bill is not staring deeply into computer screens, he can be found riding his fixed gear bicycle through Portland, OR, or spending far too much time drinking coffee.