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Sunday, July 19, 2009

eLearning Papers n° 15 (2009)

Please have a look at this issue of eLearning Papers.

The New Learning Generation
Children and adolescents in modern societies are growing up in a world where digital technologies are ubiquitous. The widespread use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and online services by youngsters in their everyday life for leisure, entertainment and social interaction is impacting their learning needs, requirements and expectations. They need to learn skills and competences for self-development, participation in society and for future jobs. They are also increasingly using ICT for any learning purpose, often outside the classroom. This gives rise to a "new learning generation" (also labelled New Millennium Learners by OECD/CERI) and to new ways of learning, including informal modes, which are strongly enabled albeit not determined by the possibilities offered by ICT.

Talent competences in the new eLearning generation
By Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis and Mary Bolger

A learning community for teens on a virtual island - The Schome Park Teen Second Life Pilot project
By Julia Gillen, Peter Twining, Rebecca Ferguson, Oliver W Butters, Gill Clough, Mark Gaved, Anna Peachey, Dan Seamans and Kieron Sheehy

Storytelling and Web 2.0 Services: A synthesis of old and new ways of learning
By Vojko Strahovnik and Biljana Mećava

Web 2.0 Learning Environment: Concept, Implementation, Evaluation
Ingo Blees and Marc Rittberger

Personal Learning Environments for Overcoming Knowledge Boundaries between Activity Systems in Emerging Adulthood
By Elvis Mazzoni and Pietro Gaffuri

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