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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Free Access to All Online Learning Courses in eLearning Portal

Take the opportunity to try out all the courses in iLearnsmart free throughout the month of December as a New Year Festival Offer.

Ilearnsmart currently offers academic courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for K-12 students along with the courses on Management Skills and IT skills for professionals. Ilearnsmart being a Software-as-a-Service e-learning portal, all these courses are offered on subscription model.
The courses available to subscribe for free.

About WHBS
WHBS is a multinational learning technology company having more than 1 million man-hours of experience in developing e-learning content and solutions for various educational institutions, enterprises and government organizations. Through the years of working various educators across the globe, WHBS has devised solutions and approaches that enhance students’ learning experience and education at large.
WHBS is an ISO 9001-2000 Complaint Company certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, and adopts CMM level 4 Development standards, key process and quality assurance.
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Enjoy this free month!