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Sunday, May 30, 2010

e-Learning the route for busy professionals

Distance learning, also known as e-learning, correspondence, TeleCourse, Independent study and many others, is education that is conducted and completed outside of the traditional classroom setting of any institution. It could be a correspondence course to learn a new skill or a course of study that is completed totally via the internet. This form of study is making foreign accredited courses much easier to attain than ever before.

Today, online education and assessment makes it possible to earn an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or even a Doctorate degree. In addition to the above one can undertake business training and development programs, career training diplomas, foreign language courses all available via the Internet and distance learning institutional facilities.
Interactive technology has moved the classroom to the student in the distance learning situation. Top tier universities and colleges now offer the same degree programs that they offer on campus through online distance learning programs, with the same curriculum, taught by top faculty members. This has been a boon for continuing education for busy professionals.

Source: The Standard

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