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Monday, April 23, 2012

12 Inspiring Schools Using Khan Academy

Kaitlyn Cole has been in touch to remind us about this published article below. 

Photo: Online Universities
Over the past few years, Khan Academy has grown from a few simple YouTube videos into a fully-featured, interactive educational system that allows students to learn and measure their progress at their own pace. It has drawn the attention of big names like Bill Gates and is being used in some form at hundreds of schools nationwide. In short, it’s pretty hot right now, and you’d be remiss as an educator or a student not to check out what it has to offer.

Whether you want to use it as a study tool for your own education or bring it in as an alternative way for students in your classes to learn a subject, it’s simple and free to get started with Khan Academy. This is perhaps a large part of the reason why it’s proving so popular nationwide. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the many schools that are using Salman Khan’s instructional videos to teach, learn, share, and grow from elementary school to high school. You may just find inspiration to start using Khan Academy on your own!

Thanks to Kaitlyn.
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Source: Online Universities

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