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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Scout Report: Research and Education - September 20, 2013

Check out these highlights from The Internet Scout Project 

September 20, 2013 -- Volume 19, Number 38

Ascend: Aspen Institute

The Ascend initiative at the Aspen Institute is "a hub for breakthrough ideas and collaborations that move children and their parents toward educational success and economic security." The folks at the Aspen Institute are focused on taking a "two-generation approach" to their work. This idea is outlined in areas that include Our Strategies, The Two-Generation Approach, Resources, and About Us. In the Our Strategies area, visitors can learn about the network the Aspen Institute is building to support the initiative, upcoming events, and related news and media coverage. The Resources area includes documents, fact sheets, and other publications that include "Analyzing Social Capital in Context" and "At What Cost? How Student Debt Reduces Lifetime Wealth." Finally, visitors should read the Two-Generation Approach to learn more about this social policy philosophy.

Sheet Music From Canada's Past
If you love Canadian history and music, you will most find this site most fetching. Created by the Library and Archives Canada, the site brings together intriguing and historically important sheet music from the past 150 years. The collection exists due to the diligence of Helmut Kallmann, a young CBC music librarian who began to collect sheet music in the early 1950s. Today, the archives contain over 20,000 pieces of sheet music, many of which are available online. In addition, the site offers a handful of musical clips that represent pre-1921 Canadian musicality. Visitors can Search Sheet Music to get started or browse the Gallery area. Here visitors can look around via themes, including Colleges, Flowers, Summer Sports, and Winter. It is worth noting that although we reviewed the English site, the archives are also available in French.
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections: Learning Resources
Among the major research universities in the Midwest, the University of Wisconsin has some of the best digital collections. The collections span Badger State history, textiles, human ecology, and American military history. This particular site brings together a trove of learning resources designed to be used in conjunction with the digital materials. The Subject Guides list links to particular collections related to themes that include agriculture, veterinary sciences, women, and Native Americans. The Lesson Plans area includes a dozen plans on subjects including "Irish Famine: An Exploration of Primary Sources," "Wisconsin's Connection to the Galapagos Islands," and "An African American Settlement in Wisconsin," as well as more general-use lessons such as "You Be the Historian - Analyzing Primary Sources."
For those still mourning the loss of Google Reader, Feedly might be a good place to rebuild. Start with a particular blog or URL you would like to follow, or explore one of the suggested topics. The smooth, easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to browse the headlines or delve more deeply into particular stories of interest. Feedly is compatible with all operating systems. 

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