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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

DENMARK - Upgrade university teaching, says Quality Commission

"Denmark’s Quality Commission has published its second report on the quality of university education. It calls on students to drop jobs and work full-time on their studies, and says that while Danish research is world-class, teaching at universities is not." according to University World News.

The report, Higher Objectives: Excellent teaching in higher education, which uses surveys extensively, also proposes that lecturers interact more with students in future.

The report says that students are not benefiting enough from their education, and that analysis undertaken by the Quality Commission has unearthed a double challenge.

First, students have to learn more – careful interpretation of the data demonstrates that Danish students should use 20% more time on studies, equal to one hour per day, seven days a week. The second challenge is for higher education to become more applicable by strengthening education and making it more useful.

The commission says it cannot instruct universities on how to achieve this – they have to accomplish changes using their own will and methods. Engaging with lecturers in the change process is a necessary condition for its implementation. 

Several recommendations  

The commission proposes the following recommendations:

  • Institutions have explicit responsibility for the quality and relevance of higher education.
  • Institutions have greater autonomy in organising higher education.
  • There should be more transparency regarding higher education quality and relevance.
  • Economic incentives should be found to strengthen quality and relevance.
  • Institutions should actively strive for full-study activity by students.
  • Good and all-round teaching competency must be developed.
  • There should be change in the use of external evaluators at examinations.
  • A new admission system should be developed using criteria other than only examination grades.
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Source: University World News

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