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Monday, June 25, 2018

What’s the reality of digital learning transformation today? | Strategy - TrainingZone

Digital transformation is coming to learning, whether you’re ready or not. A massive 71% of organisations are currently in progress with their transformation journey. Based on new research conducted in partnership with Learning Technologies, director of research at Fosway Group, David Perring, explores the reality of what that means for LD in the first of a new three-part series. 

Photo: David Perring
With over 70% of organisations already transforming learning, L&D are slightly behind where they see the progress of their wider organisation, but ahead of HR, summarizes David Perring

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However, with only 5% saying they have completed digital transformation of learning, it does beg a few questions: 
  • What is driving this transformation?
  • What makes the digital transformation of learning different from simply adopting learning technology and delivering more e-learning?
  • And are those on their transformational journey even heading in the right direction?
What is driving digital learning transformation?
Investment in digital learning continues to grow across the board. In 2018 we are seeing increases in budget for external or digital outsourcing, digital learning services, internal teams, content and platforms (although the levels of spend are still relatively small compared to wider HR and business investment in digital).

But what is driving this investment and the associated transformation? The following words are typical of what the 1500+ survey respondents say in the 2018 Digital Learning Realities research. They seem to capture the current drivers perfectly:
…The aspiration is to be "more digital" as a business, together with budget pressures and the opportunities for increased flexibility in delivery...
…Reduced headcount / agility/ speed of change / personalisation / contextualisation of our content offering / learning on the go...
These comments get straight to the core of why many are looking to digitally revolutionise their learning operations. And they fall neatly into the consistent business drivers that have underpinned the evolution of L&D over the past 10 years in particular – which is about so much more than reducing cost.

They are part of the business mindset of what makes HR and L&D fit for the future. Agile thinking that energises your workforce, with a real relationship focus with learners that is intelligent and data driven, creates an UBER-esque experience.

It revolutionises the experience so that it is completely geared around serving the customer (learner), while providing radical cost efficiency and, most importantly, delivering exceptional value.
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