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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


University of the Ozarks has launched a campus-wide digital learning initiative that will support and enhance teaching and learning by providing every student and faculty member with an Apple iPad, inform University of the Ozarks.

Photo: University of the Ozarks

Compass is a comprehensive student-success program that will provide universal access to a common set of learning technologies. As part of the initiative, the University has collaborated with Apple to distribute nearly 1,000 Apple iPad devices, Apple pencils and smart keyboards to its students and faculty.

Most of the students, including almost 300 incoming freshmen, received their iPad on Monday, Aug. 20, the day before classes begin for the Fall 2018 Semester. A majority of the faculty, as well as about 70 students, received their iPad in the spring, during the first phase of the program rollout...

Dr. Caleb J. Keith, assistant provost for institutional effectiveness and strategic priorities, said Compass ties into the University’s mission and core values.

“Compass seeks to create equity for students at University of the Ozarks by providing all learners with technology in the classroom,” Keith said. “As opposed to the typical bring-your-own-device initiatives on many campuses, this program will ensure that all students have access to the same level of technology, irrespective of socioeconomic or financial background. This essentially evens the playing field for all learners, meaning everyone starts the race from the same starting line. This has a direct connection to the University’s core value of justice, as it focuses on economic justice. Additionally, there is a connection to the University’s mission to accept students from diverse economic backgrounds and prepare them to live life fully.”
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Photo: University of the Ozarks
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Source: University of the Ozarks