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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Did you know that Britain is a world AI leader? | Business - iNews

There are many variations of AI and as our world-renowned data scientists and entrepreneurs are proving, we can use and adapt it to conquer issues and streamline workplace efforts on a daily basis to better lives, writes Cherry Martin International copywriter, ghost writer and content strategist. 

So read on and be proud of these British companies developing cutting edge technologies respected and relied upon by companies the world over. 

Find your voice
In a single generation we have witnessed the evolution and dominance of the new voice economy. The value of voice has never been greater: today’s world communicates through audio and video just as text was used in the last century. Today’s workplace is also under pressure to produce more content faster than ever before with fewer resources.

Historically, audio and video recordings have not been searchable or discoverable, however the team at Trint have addressed the pain of manual transcription by applying

AI to automate the process and empower users to focus on extracting more value from the spoken word. Audio is now searchable.
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