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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Digital innovation: Bring on the citizen developers | Business - ITProPortal

Chris Obdam, CEO of Betty Blocks reports, Citizen developers are fulfilling businesses' digital ambitions. They are developing apps without writing any code.

Photo: Christina Morillo / Pexels
Most IT departments are challenged to meet the demand for digital transformation. IT staff feel the pressure every day. Building clever software has become a route to competitive advantage in business, delivering new products, services, routes to market and better customer experiences, while often also reducing operation costs. Hence the race is on for better, ever faster digital processes.

But to make custom software that suits specific business needs and opportunities, you need professional developers. As we all know, of course, this presents a challenge: There’s a real shortage of digital skills. According to leading research and consultancy firm Empirica, across the UK and Europe there will be a deficit of 500,000 developers by 2020...

No-code and digital innovation 
Technology cannot be separated from human experience; it’s a direct extension of it. The devices and applications we use today have so easily become integrated into our daily lives for the simple reason that they build on natural human tendencies. They amplify the potential to create, communicate, connect and form networks.

Similarly, no-code platforms boost our existing potential to innovate by enabling citizen developers. No-code removes programming as a barrier to develop solutions and allows us to capitalise on our capabilities to solve problems and transform organisations. It democratises software, which is necessary in an era when software has literally become everyone’s business.

Source: ITProPortal