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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Problem-Based Learning | Sponsor Insights - Education Week

This white paper is provided by Stenhouse.

John Dewey said, “True learning is based on discovery guided by mentoring rather than the transmission of knowledge.” 

His foundational work in the early 1900’s, known as Progressive Education, was based upon the concept of learning by doing. Dewey’s work is believed by many to be the root of Problem-Based Learning. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is, in essence, how we learn.

Why Do We Need to  Consider Change? 
Imagine an America where people did not feel intimidated by mathematics. A world where stores didn’t need posted or electronic signs to help us figure out how much 10%, 20% 50% or 70% off  on our purchases equals. Imagine a classroom  where students actually enjoyed math, engaged  in its content, and thought about it as an idea or concept, rather than a formula to be memorized  and forgotten. Imagine an America where no parent ever said, “I’m not good at math so_____ won’t be either.” Imagine a world of problem solvers instead  of answer getters. 
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Source: Education Week