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Saturday, October 05, 2019

What does it mean to be a composer today? | Features - Gramophone

Listenpony is a London-based concert series, commissioning body and record label run by William Marsey, Freya Waley-Cohen and Josephine Stephenson. The three composers together introduce the organisation, before reflecting individually on what it means to be a composer in the modern musical world.

Three musicians behind concert-series and label Listenpony offer their reflections and advice by Gramophon.

We started Listenpony as a way to put on performances of our own music, as well as to showcase the talents of our performer friends. We have always aimed to put together the wide variety of music we enjoy alongside that which we make - choosing music simply because we like it and think it’s good rather than according to style. For the most part, this is classical music that goes from the Renaissance to today, with a particular focus on the new music that we now also commission from contemporary composers, but we also invite artists from other musical traditions to perform acoustic sets, and this has ranged from pop to folk via jazz and rap. We like to hold our events in unusual venues such as crypts and galleries, and structure the music in twenty-minute sets, creating an atmosphere that allows the audience to experience a close connection with the music and the musicians themselves.

A few years ago we set up a record label to release live recordings from our concerts, a way to offer an alternative experience of them, focusing on a single performer or ensemble, to be enjoyed post hoc on the move or from the comfort of one’s own home. This was also a way for us to reach a wider audience, outside the limits of England and beyond the evening of the concert.

Through Listenpony we hope to have not only created a space to experiment as artists, but also a wide and ever growing community of musicians and listeners who come together at our concerts.
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Source: Gramophone