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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Smarter Robotics Are Changing Security | Security - Robotics Tomorrow

While robots already play a prominent role in logistics and manufacturing, industry leaders are just beginning to realize the potential of this technology in security measures by Scott Huntington, creator and editor of Off The Throttle.

Smarter Robotics Are Changing Security
Businesses across the globe are using robotics technology to pick and pack orders, weld metal parts, apply paints and sealants, complete accurate inspections and much more. In 2018 alone, a record 381,000 industrial robotics units were shipped — an increase of 30% compared to the year before.

The electronics, automotive and metal sectors rely on this technology to automate production and drive growth. With it, manufacturers can boost performance and productivity while maintaining better quality and consistency. Previously, robots were limited in their abilities, rooted in one location and separated from their human counterparts. Today, however, these machines can assess their surroundings and work in tandem with employees...

The Future of Robotics in Security
Today's smart security robotics can track people and assets, patrol physical areas, record data and much more. They have the power to pinpoint problems that may be undetectable to humans — plus, they never sleep. 

One of the most significant benefits of modern technology is the ability to amplify current security procedures with additional coverage. How will robots take over the field in the next five to 10 years, however?

Source: Robotics Tomorrow