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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Artificial intelligence and the classroom of the future | Science and Technology - Brandeis University

Imagine a classroom in the future where teachers are working alongside artificial intelligence partners to ensure no student gets left behind, as Tessa Venell '08, Senior Proposal Development Specialist at Brandeis University reports.

Photo: Getty Images
The AI partner’s careful monitoring picks up on a student in the back who has been quiet and still for the whole class and the AI partner prompts the teacher to engage the student. When called on, the student asks a question. The teacher clarifies the material that has been presented and every student comes away with a better understanding of the lesson.
This is part of a larger vision of future classrooms where human instruction and AI technology interact to improve educational environments and the learning experience...

Pustejovsky took some time to answer questions from BrandeisNOW about his research.

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Source: Brandeis University