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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Training for the Legal World: an Educational Tip! | Legal Practice - Lexology

I am not sure what has actually changed; however, something definitely has. When I was at college and law school, I was taught some valuable rules about contacting people for work experience and training by Haresh Sood, Lexology author. 

For example, whenever guest speakers came in, one thing I was told was ‘ask a question to illustrate your determination, dedication and commitment’. Moreover, I was taught to make contact and liaise with people to network and build relationships for the future. Whilst this still may be the case for many, I do find the calibre of trainees and students varies more than ever. Given the level of work experience requests I receive, I have laid out the key qualities the legal profession requires which trainees and work experience students should consider...

The difference in the legal world

Unlike many professions, the legal world works all hours of the day. If you are looking for a 9-5 job or a flexi hours position, the legal world may not be for you. Whilst I appreciate some lawyers work fixed hours in law firms, the majority of them that I know will work erratic times which sometimes are part and parcel of the job; In turn, this means trainees and work experience students may be required to do the same...


In short, I strongly suggest law students pay attention to the changing nature of the legal market. Always research the type of lawyer you will be working with. If you are going to work with a direct access Barrister such as myself, know how the profession works. Moreover, learn about the regulatory rules around the profession and do some research. Finally, listen to what you are given as feedback. You need a thick skin. If you are told to improve on something, work on it (Obviously watch out for people who bully, discriminate, or harass you). I forever thank people who trained me and taught me what I learned, even if it was hard to listen to when being told. Today, I do believe there is a change in attitude now towards working hard. However, if you want to get ahead in law, there is nothing but hard work which can also be very enjoyable.

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Source: Lexology