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Friday, May 24, 2019

Opinion | Online learning and the challenge for universities | Online learning - Livemint

Universities will have to embrace the advent of online learning to ensure their sustainability isn't in question by Kapil Viswanathan and V.G. Narayanan.

Photo: (HT file)

In the fall of 2011, when two professors at Stanford University shared a taped version of their popular computer science course online, little did they realize that they were heralding a revolutionary new medium of learning, the Massive Online Open Course, or the MOOC, as it has come to be known. More than 120,000 students from across the world registered for their course and within 12 months, MOOC platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, and edX came into existence.

MOOCs are often free pre-recorded courses that are streamed online and are available to hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world. There are thousands of MOOCs available from dozens of platforms taught by world famous experts and novices. It’s a free market and anyone can offer a course and anyone can take them. They offer the flexibility of learning on demand. Students can learn whenever it is convenient to them. They use high-quality videos, embedded software, quizzes and polls to deliver a highly engaging and interactive learning experience.

Pundits predicted that MOOCs would rapidly replace brick-and-mortar schools and universities. Educational publishers across the world fretted that MOOCs would replace text books and e-books, and scurried to add video and interactivity to their digital content...

Further, a student can today earn a university degree entirely online at a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree. Many universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan, Georgia Tech and Imperial College London, partner with MOOC platforms to offer entirely online degrees in carefully chosen disciplines, largely in business and computer science, as an enhancement to their distance learning programmes.

Source: Livemint

Princess Tessy leads biology workshop as 155 schoolgirls attend 'greenlight' event | Girls in science - RTL Today

Princess Tessy leads biology workshop as 155 schoolgirls attend 'greenlight' event, as RTL reports.

For the second consecutive year, girls from middle schools across Luxembourg were invited to join a workshop organised by 'greenlight for girls' and Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg.
This year's even was organised in collaboration with the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and SCIPT, a branch of the ministry dedicated to promoting and coordinating research and technological innovation throughout the education system to improve pedagogical practices.

The two-day workshop saw 155 girls, aged 11 to 15, invited to Vodafone Luxembourg to learn more about science and technology in ways meant to inspire them. They were introduced to female role-models from Vodafone Luxembourg who aimed to motivate the girls to pursue a future in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

After customising their own lab coats, the girls listened to inspirational talks from Princess Tessy and Melissa Rancourt, Founder of greenlight for girls, and several female role models from Vodafone Luxembourg. Working in break out groups. Girls had the opportunity to discover the secrets of coding, dive into procurement, or learn about cyber security. The girls also benefitted from mentoring sessions, interacting with the 25 volunteers and STEM role-models present each day.

Princess Tessy de Nassau — who is, among many roles, a UNAIDS Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls, an ambassador for Montessori St Nicholas, and currently raising funds for her education non-profit Professors Without Borders — welcomed the girls and led a biology workshop where she taught them the secrets behind DNA...

Ninian Wilson, CEO of Vodafone Procurement Company (based in Luxembourg) stated “As a global technology company it’s important for us to promote and drive STEM education for girls. Along with our Vodafone Foundation, we’re ready, and uniquely placed to support our local community in Luxembourg.  We know the future is exciting, and we want to assist in building future STEM leaders and creating a more vibrant and gender balanced workplace”.

Source: RTL Today

President Speaks: Universities should be 'agile facilitators' of knowledge | Higher Ed - Education Dive

Mark Lombardi
Photo: Maryville University
Maryville University President Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University of St. Louis, explains his institution's approach to implementing technology-based, personalized education.
Photo: Maryville University
Thanks to the digital transformation that defines our age, most of us walk around with a library in our pocket. Today's access to vast information is unprecedented and transformative.

Yet, in higher education, the approach to disseminating information remains fundamentally unchanged after 2,500 years.

The professorial lecture still reigns supreme at many institutions. Students still sit in rows of seats and desks, facing the "front" and the instructor. Even technology still primarily extends the one-way dissemination of content from faculty to student.

As colleges and universities, it's time to recognize that we are no longer keepers of knowledge. We must serve instead as agile facilitators of knowledge, evolving and adapting to the new reality of how information flows through the world...

New roles and models in student-centered learning  
Access to information does not guarantee an education. Professors with expertise and real-world experience remain vital to the personalized-learning process. They can guide a student's journey from limited knowledge and awareness to understanding, application, discernment and critical problem-solving. 

If this doesn't sound like a departure in theory, it is in practice. More than ever, professors must create learning partnerships with their students and with other professionals...

Colleges and universities can take a variety of approaches to reorient toward student-centered learning. At Maryville University, we've built our model around engaging students, faculty and staff in a continuous and sustainable process of active learning focused on improving student outcomes.
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Source: Education Dive

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Looking Back on This Year's Classroom Experiments | Digital Learning - Inside Higher Ed

Mark Lieberman, Digital Learning Reporter at Inside Higher Ed reports, Last fall, professors told us about their plans to experiment this year with technology-enabled teaching. Now they reflect on the successes and shortcomings.


The end of the school year is a time to reflect on accomplishments and -- ideally -- to abandon regrets, or at least learn from them.
Last September, professors from institutions around the country shared with “Inside Digital Learning” their plans for new classroom initiatives and made some predictions about what they might accomplish. We came back to them recently to ask how they went. A few said they're too busy with an end-of-year crush of grading to reply. Here's what the rest of them reported back.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Entrepreneurial journey: How to be yourself online | Podcasts - London Business School Review

 Photo: Jeff Skinner  
What makes an entrepreneur? Find out in our new podcast series by Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

From Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Twitter, most of us have had some form of online presence for significant parts of our lives (for digital natives, make that all of our lives), which means there’s a trail of stuff about us “out there” that we have completely lost sight of. Worse still, we’ve lost sight of who has access to it – and what they do with it. Reflecting on this phenomenon gave LBS MBA and entrepreneur James Chance the idea for a new business: a service which enables individuals to manage their “personal brand” and protect their online privacy. 

By exploiting new European data protection legislation, helps individuals control web-based information about them, making it easy to edit what other people can – and can’t – see about them.
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Source: London Business School Review

Digital Natives Drive the Course of the next Netflix of Gaming | Gaming - News

Who doesn’t recognize the hegemony of Netflix in the entertainment world, batting giants like Microsoft Google, Amazon and Apple for the top spot? And who wouldn’t want to be the “Netflix of gaming”?, continues News.

Photo: News
It is an apt analogy. Major contenders are vying for the title. The players are the winners in the battle as they are seeing new cloud gaming platforms and better digital-only consoles like the Xbox S1 that just launched at an affordable price in the U and US.

Digital Natives 
Call the Shots The target market is clear. The “digital natives” portion of the population are demanding a faster experience than the old, sluggish consoles. They want their content delivered as fast as lightening. They are already enjoying upgrades to favorites like Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves.

Source: News

Assam: e-learning lab inaugurated in Dibrugarh University | Assam - Northeast Now

e-learning lab of the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning was inaugurated at Dibrugarh University in collaboration with Oil India's Corporate Social Responsibility, inform Avik Chakraborty, Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh.

Photo: Northeast Now
An e-learning lab of the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning was inaugurated at Dibrugarh University in collaboration with Oil India‘s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Monday.

The e-learning Lab was inaugurated by vice chancellor of DU, Prof Ranjit Tamuli in presence of resident chief executive (RCE) of OIL, Pranjit Deka, registrar of DU, Dr Hari Chandra Mahanta, D K Bhuyan, general manager (Pubic Affairs), OIL and the teaching and students’ fraternity of the university in eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh.

The objective of the project under OIL’s CSR is to develop learner’s interest in latest educational technology and equip them with proper skills through online learning mode.

Utilizing basic education and learning skills, the youths can find better jobs or start their own small businesses...

Two demo video lectures were released on the occasion for showcasing the output of the e-Learning lab. The first demo video lecture was of Prof Nasim Wazid Ali, retired professor of DHSK College, Dibrugarh on Income Tax and the second demo lecture was of Dr Rizwan Rehman, assistant professor, Center for Computer Science and Applications, Dibrugarh University on Java Programming.

Source: Northeast Now

DirectEmployers Association Launches DE Academy, A Self-Directed eLearning Platform for HR Professionals | Business Wire

Today, DirectEmployers Association announced its newest professional development and eLearning platform, DE Academy by Business Wire.

Photo: DirectEmployers Association, Inc.
Recently revealed to Association members at its 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM19) in Naples, Florida, DE Academy seeks to elevate professional development for human resources professionals with courses tailored to provide content and top-notch instruction with the flexibility desired by today’s busy practitioners. Courses are available for both Members of the Association and non-members, allowing for expanded eLearning opportunities for all. 

“DE Academy meets the learner where they are, on their time. We want to promote professional development that improves the learning experience and outcome for all, resulting in real ROI through instruction and application,” commented Jen Bernhardt, VP of Member Engagement.

Many HR professionals desire to continue learning, but are often met with busy schedules, leaving many to put professional development on the back burner. DE Academy seeks to offer a different kind of learning which combines the best of traditional education with the flexibility of today’s modern learning expectations. By combining knowledge from recognized experts with industry-best instructional design methods, each course will provide a learning experience that maximizes the learner’s time and potential. Self-directed instruction also allows the learner to complete courses at their leisure. Currently lessons range from Affirmative Action Planning 101 to Disability Etiquette and are led by the following experts:..

“We are delighted to partner with DirectEmployers Association to deliver transformative professional development experiences for their learners,” stated Paul Dooley, CEO, WBT Systems. “TopClass LMS is a powerful, flexible education platform, unifying learning across DE Academy and DE Connect online community to allow DirectEmployers to deliver impactful, integrated learning at the point of need, whenever and wherever learners chose to connect.”

For more information on DE Academy or to get started on a new learning path, visit

About DirectEmployers Association

DirectEmployers is a nonprofit member-owned and managed association focused on providing its 900+ members with simple solutions for OFCCP compliance and online recruitment challenges. The Association’s proprietary technology powers a federal contractor compliance solution that assists with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program’s (OFCCP) VEVRAA mandatory listing requirements and Section 503 outreach requirements, while also offering recruitment marketing and creative services that help win the best candidates with a combination of vivid recruitment videos, real-life photos and bold branding through its wholly owned subsidiary, Recruit Rooster.

About WBT Systems and TopClass LMS:

WBT Systems develops the industry-leading TopClass Learning Management System (LMS), named Best Continuing Education & Association Learning System 2019 and #1 Association Learning Management System in 2015, 2016, and 2017. TopClass LMS delivers transformative professional development experiences for association education and certification programs. With a single point of support from our in-house integration experts, TopClass LMS easily integrates with a wide variety of systems to provide efficient administration and a unified learning experience. Our focus is to support associations in using learning technology to help drive growth in membership, increase revenues, and enhance the learning experience. We believe in truly understanding your challenges and partnering with you to ensure the success of your education programs. Learn more at
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Source: Business Wire

Helping the homeless: Couple creates mobile shower unit, will begin operating in June | MPR News

After learning about a lack of places for homeless people to shower, a Sauk Rapids couple will begin running a mobile shower unit in June.

Jason Jaques and Nancy Dyson stand next to their mobile shower van.
Photo: Dave Schwarz | St. Cloud Times
Nancy Dyson and Jason Jaques first brainstormed locations where homeless people could access showers after someone asked if they knew of places to go.

"We just looked at each other like, 'I don't (know),'" Dyson said. "It was heartbreaking."...

Jaques and Dyson began working on the idea of a self-contained unit, built in a small passenger van, a couple years ago. 

Known as Shower the People, it will be operated under the couple's nonprofit, Neighbors to Friends. The van will be ready for its first showers June 4 at Kipp's Laundry starting about 10 a.m., according to Jaques.

Jaques and Dyson plan to take the truck to people who need it, providing access to a shower as well as meals and time to hang out. 

Source: MPR News

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Development of educational mobile apps in 2019 | Mobile Apps - Gadget Advisor

Development of educational mobile apps in 2019 by Robert Rundle ( online content writer. 

Photo: Gadget Advisor

When the number of mobile users outgrew the number of people who choose desktop devices first back in 2016, it was a clear sign that our world is becoming fast-paced and on the go. Since that epic moment, the pool of mobile users grew exponentially, which triggered app developers to start focusing their efforts on mobile platforms. As one could anticipate, gaming applications reign supreme when it comes to a number of users, downloads, and launched applications, followed by business apps, while education app niche takes a strong third position...

These were some of the most notable mobile education app development trends to look for this year. As the technology progresses, so do the trends change, however, the timeline of these trends seems to push the importance of each of these trends higher with every passing year. We really hope some of this information will be of use for your future projects and serve as an inspiration for your personal and professional development.

Source: Gadget Advisor