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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A virtual mathematics learning environment for engineering students

Read this article I thought you may find interesting, appears in the Interactive Educational Multimedia, Number 14 (April 2007).

A virtual mathematics learning environment for engineering students
By Teresa Sancho Vinuesa and Ramon Masià Fornos

Teachers of the course Introduction to Mathematics for Engineers at the UOC, an online distance-learning university, have designed, developed and tested an online study material. It includes basic pre-university mathematics, indications for correct follow-up of this content and recommendations for finding appropriate support and complementary materials. Many different resources are used, depending on the characteristics of the contents: Flash sequences, interactive applets, WIRIS calculators and PDF files.
During the last semester, the new study material has been tested with 119 students. The academic results and student satisfaction have allowed us to outline and prioritise future lines of action.