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Friday, November 28, 2008

The rise and rise of elearning by Chris Parr

Why has elearning seen such phenomenal growth over the past two decades? After starting out clunky and chunky, it has successfully adapted to meet today's business needs, says Chris Parr, continius TrainingZONE.

Traditionally, elearning was notorious for simply putting manuals online. In its infancy, elearning was characterised by a rather unintelligent 'just in case' usage, centred on a desktop computer. It had a very long way to come before it began to wow its audience.
So what changed? Nowadays, elearning is tuned much more to engaging the learner and providing a positive and rewarding environment. Modern day elearning allows the classroom to come alive. Lessons are packed with sights, sounds, quizzes and games.
A student in the elearning environment can now become part of the class through the interactive nature of online learning. Employees can not only learn but explore through visuals as well as text. It is also more accessible to international students, as it touches on all the senses, particularly sights and sounds.

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Chris Parr is head of products and markets at ThirdForce, an elearning provider. Take a look at: