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Thursday, July 02, 2009

25 Free Online Courses from Colleges and Universities Around the World

Today I have Karen Schweitzer guest blogging. Please be sure to check out her guest post. Guest posts are always welcome, please contact me.

There are many different colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad that offer free online courses to anyone who is willing to learn. Although many of these classes cannot be taken for credit, they do provide an opportunity for self-learners to update their skills or just learn something new. Below is a list of 25 courses worth trying:

Technology and Society - University of Southern Queensland; an examination of how politics, law, culture, and economics affect technology and society.

Ethics - Capilano University; a 15-part study of morality and how it relates to politics, medicine, law, religion, and education.

Capital Markets - University of California-Irvine; an overview of investment markets around the globe.

'Shrinking' the Economy - University of Nottingham; the psychology of business and recession.

Visual Communication Design - Carnegie Mellon University; an introduction to the fundamentals of designing technical documents.

Multicultural Education & ESL Education - Dixie State College of Utah; a study of multicultural issues in ESL education.

Forensic Biology and Impression Evidence - Kaplan University; a 10-section course covering biology, DNA, fingerprinting, and computer forensics.

Playwriting I - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); an introduction to the art of theatre writing.

Introduction to the Horse Behavior and Welfare - Michigan State University; an overview of horse behavior and management.

Genetics - Tufts University School of Medicine; the science of genetics as it relates to medicine in inherited diseases and illnesses.

Fundamentals of Business Analysis - University of California-Irvine; an examination of how information and technology relate to business.

Social Attitudes and Public Opinion - University of Massachusetts, Boston; a 13-week PowerPoint lecture on the social attitudes.

Dental Materials - University of Michigan; an overview of the materials used in dentistry.

Individualized Reading Instruction in the Elementary Grades - University of Michigan; a presentation of techniques for assessing reading and writing skills.

Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics - Yale University; an exploration of three rapidly changing areas of astronomy.

Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose - Utah State University; an English course that teaches students how to write academic papers.

Jews and Christians throughout History - University of Notre Dame; a theology course that explores religion throughout history.

Automotive Electronics - Weber State University; a study of the electrical fundamentals of meters, wiring, and repair.

Natural Science Parts I and II - Western Governors University; an intro to the fundamentals of natural sciences through tasks, assignments, and a test.

Medical Terminology - Eastern College of Utah; a multi-unit course that teaches terminology through case studies and health care articles.

Environmental Health - John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; an examination of the risk of pollutants in our environment and the impact they will have on the future.

Geography - University of California, Berkeley; a 48-lecture podcast on globalization.

Creating Interactive Multimedia - University of Queensland Australia; a study of the tools, techniques, and resources used to create interactive multimedia.

Voice-Leading Analysis of Music - The Open University; students learn voice leading through analyzing the harmonic structure of sonatas.

Geometry - The Open University; a three-unit intro to geometry.

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