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Monday, November 23, 2009

Karl Kapp, professor in this two-part interview by the eLearning Coach

Please take a moment to inform yourself about Karl Kapp, professor, author and speakers in this two-part interview by The eLearning Coach, covers everything from video games to virtual 3D worlds, their cognitive advantages and future trends in online learning.

1. Games And Simulations

Coach: How did you become an evangelist for learning through games, simulations and gadgets?

Karl: Well, I’m not sure I am an evangelist, I don’t think of myself that way. But, in terms of my interest in games, gadgets and simulations, it really started by observing my two sons. I can “blame” them for this whole thing. Whenever we would get a new video game in our house, it would always result in neighborhood kids congregating in our basement investing hours and hours of time trying to reach, and ultimately defeat, the final level...

2. The Future Of Learning Design

Coach: What types of challenges do newer technologies, such as mobile and podcast, present to the instructional designer?

Karl: The biggest problem is that in the learning field we sometimes get seduced by the technology and forget the underlying learning need and, even more importantly, the underlying business need. Organizations invest in learning initiatives because they have a business need; sell more product, keep employees safe to reduce liability, increase market share...

About Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D., CFPIM, CIRM

Karl Kapp is a consultant, scholar, and expert on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations. His background teaching e-learning classes, knowledge of adult learning theory, and experience training CEOs and front line staff provides him with a unique perspective on organizational learning. His experience with technology companies and high-tech initiatives provides him with insights into the future of technology. He shares those insights and perspectives through writing, consulting and coaching with clients in the field of e-learning.

Dr. Kapp understands how to promote effective e-learning within organizations. He received his Doctorate of Education in Instructional Design at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Kapp is a full professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University. He teaches a unique class in which students are formed into "companies," write a business plan, receive an e-learning Request for Proposal (RFP), respond with a proposal, develop a working prototype, and present their solution to representatives from various corporations.

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