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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Schools rely on Wimba to provide flexible, cost-effective expansion of virtual supportand service offerings, and continued collaboration.

Wimba® Inc., a leading provider of collaborative solutions for educators around the world, announced today that colleges and universities are increasingly turning to the capabilities of the Wimba Collaboration Suite™ to meet growing demands for enhanced help and support services.

By providing collaborative solutions that support a 24/7 online environment, Wimba makes it possible for schools to deliver academic and administrative help - whether through the expansion of help desk support, online tutoring, informal instruction opportunities or other campus services - to students, faculty and staff whenever and wherever it is needed most.

The School of Education at Drexel University now hosts an Online First-Year Experience via Wimba for their online and blended learning master's and doctoral students. For the first event, a Virtual Tea Orientation, the school distributes tea sachets to every student along with an invitation to meet live using Wimba Classroom™.

"Forward-thinking educators are continuously examining ways to effectively and affordably reach students throughout their engagement with an institution. Our customers are using Wimba's intuitive technologies to engage the learner like never before. From orientation and pre-admissions counseling to expanding help desk and other support services online, Wimba helps colleges increase service utilization and maximize resources. It is this type of innovative thinking that will allow colleges and universities to reach more students and optimize learning without compromising the bottom line.", said Carol Vallone, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Wimba.

About Wimba®
Wimba® is a leading provider of collaborative solutions used by thousands of educators around the world to engage students, support business needs, and save time and money. The Wimba Collaboration Suite™ -- awarded the 2009 "Best Education Solution" and 2010 "Best Collaboration Solution" CODiE award by SIIA -- offers students, teachers and administrators an engaging and comprehensive collaboration environment for instruction, meetings and help. By combining academic features, ease of use and interactive technologies, Wimba goes well beyond web conferencing and sets a new standard for collaboration. Visit

Source: PRWeb