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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Latest Technology & Learning's eBooks

Here’s the latest Technology & Learning's eBooks below.

Improving Student Achievement: Professional Development and Informed Instruction

Providing teachers with the means to affect and increase individual student achievement is a win-win for everyone, and technology makes a big difference. It begins with online, on-demand professional development and participation in a professional learning community. Teachers learn about making data meaningful and using specific ideas for timely intervention with their students. And it ends with teachers using more effective methods to improve student learning and achievement.

What's Inside the eBook:

Transforming Education: Turning Classrooms Into Collaborative, Interactive, and Efficient Learning Environments

Today's teachers have more of a challenge than ever to manage their technology-filled classrooms and make sure each student reaches his or her potential. Luckily for them, the latest classroom-management software includes applications that help with lesson planning and student assessment. See how this type of technology can help you turn your class into an efficient room filled with 21st-century learners.

What's Inside the eBook: