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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Online traditional degress by Amelia Naidoo

As tempting as a 100% online business degree is, there are drawbacks. A 'blended' approach is the way forward.
"Web-based learning works best as a supplement to face to- face education, not as an alternative. What we do with global executive learning is that there's fact-to-face contact and the development of those relationships really matter." says Dr Greg Jones, Duke University's vice-president and provost for Global Strategy and Programmes.

Why then would students fork out tens of thousands of dirhams, take precious time off work and possibly lose an income to attend a full time programme?
As the higher education sector is flooded with graduate degree options, Gulf News asks the experts how online degrees measure up to traditional face-to-face degree.

Blended learning
‘Online’ is an old notion that refers to asynchronous education, where the student signs in, learns content and submits information, and it is a passive conveying of information, said Dr Greg Jones, vice-president and provost for Global Strategy and Programmes at Duke University...

Uses of online learning
Professor Alain Senteni, Dean of School of e-Education at Hamdan Bin Mohammad e-University (HBMeU) in Dubai says that online learning helps people prepare for the 21st century society, which will comprise “digital natives”.
Despite the HBMeU being primarily an online institution, it still incorporates the face-to-face component in some of its programmes...

Source: Gulf News