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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to school with e-learning books from Packt Publishing

With the new school term rapidly approaching, a visit to Packt’s websites to stock up on e-learning books and eBooks is a must. With over 30 titles published on subjects ranging from Moodle and Mahara to Sakai and Alice, all major e-learning angles are covered.

Photo: Packt

With the number of online courses growing and the increasing internationalisation of many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, e-learning has become an established part of most academic institutions. And what used to be the domain of systems administrators and the institutions specialist computer teams has now branched out to teachers and professors. With books and eBooks for both administrators and teachers alike on subjects from theme design and security to special education, history and maths lessons, Packt has got it published.

In July, Packt launched its E-learning books subscription on PacktLib, its digital book library. This contains all E-learning books and eBooks it has published to date. For a one-off payment, subscribers can access every book Packt has published, and will continue to publish, for a 12-month period. PacktLib is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from any browser connected to the Internet.

Packt’s website to view all of its e-learning books and eBooks or PacktLib for its E-learning books subscription.

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