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Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Things: W.E.E. Learning Bus by Kelly Evenson

"By next fall, there will be a computer lab on wheels rolling through the streets of Blue Springs, making stops at area schools and in neighborhoods.", summarizes Kelly Evenson

Photo: The Blue Springs Education Foundation 

The Women Endowing Education Group provided the Blue Springs School District with a grant to create the W.E.E. Learning Bus, the first of its kind of Missouri, said Katherine Barton, executive director of the Blue Springs Education Foundation. She said the idea came from an administrator who heard about a similar mobile technology lab in Brownsville, Texas.

Here are five things to know about the W.E.E. Learning Bus:

1 Mobility.  The learning bus is a 76-passenger school bus being transformed into a mobile computer lab. Barton said it will roll into the neighborhoods of the Blue Springs School District four nights each week beginning in August. Hollis-Miller Architects, as well as the Blue Springs School District’s Transportation Department, are working to transform the bus.

Source: The Examiner