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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

12 Telling Stats on Female MBAs

Alissa Alvarez has been in touch to remind us about this published article below. 
Photo: OnlineMBA

Just a few decades ago, the thought of a woman owning a business or running a large multi-national company might have drawn sneers or snickers in the business world (and might still from those who are less enlightened), but luckily things have by and large changed for the better for women in business.

Today, women own about 29% of all businesses in the United States and account for about 16% of all corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies. Yet despite significant gains over the past 50 years, female MBAs and other women who want to make a go of a career in business don’t have an easy task ahead of them when it comes to gaining equality in the workplace.

Even women who graduate from top-tier business schools and who hold prestigious MBA degrees may not make as much or get as far in their careers as their male counterparts. Read on to learn some of the most telling stats about female MBAs that show that equality in the business world still has a long way to go.

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