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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Scout Report: Research and Education

Check out these highlights from The Internet Scout Project

July 26, 2013 -- Volume 19, Number 30


Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening

The Rockefeller Foundation, along with the Monitor Institute and Monitor Deloitte, provides this new guidebook for the purpose of assisting groups who are in the beginning stages of planning a convening, an event which asks groups of people to come together for a short time to accomplish a shared goal for an organization, or for the greater good. The guidebook, which is available as a PDF, outlines the detailed thought processes and planning that should be done before deciding to organize such an event. This material would be invaluable for a group looking to design an event like this for the first time, large or small. The website also includes a short introductory video clip.

NPR: Education

NPR's coverage of educational topics is equal parts current and thought provoking. The organization's education blog collects current news articles pertaining to education, school administration and reform, funding, and more. Users may read each story individually, or add the audio reports of individual stories to a playlist, which launches an interactive media player. Another option allows visitors to listen to all recent audio stories on the topic or add all of the most recent stories to a playlist. Towards the bottom of the page, one can find links to podcasts and RSS feeds on education and U.S. news.


In a matter of speaking, Mashable brings together the good, interesting, strange, and "other" of the web together in one place. With its easy to use interface, Mashable brings together the top-trending new stories from the world of social media, business, technology, and entertainment. Visitors can use one of the three tabs on the top of the homepage to get started, and they can also look at the top stories from specific social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. On any given moment, stories on Mashable might include pieces like "Your Smartphone May Soon Alert You When You Get Snail Mail" and "Samsung To Hold First Developer Conference." Additionally, visitors can sign up to receive updates from the site in a highly customized and personal fashion.

Source: Internet Scout Project

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