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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Events - Brandon Hall Group

Join Brandon Hall Group for their upcoming events, where you can interact with the Brandon Hall Group analysts and their guests discussing the latest trends and insights on improving performance in today’s modern organizations.

 For detailed descriptions of their webinars visit their website here 
Sep 24
Disruptive Technologies and the New Realities of Performance Support
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
John Low, Carney, Inc..

Oct 1
Global Learning Trends: Unexpected Findings that Could Impact Your Strategies
Stacey Harris, Brandon Hall Group
Jeremy Blain, Cegos

Oct 8
Next Generation Learning Content Strategies: Search and Learn ModelDavid Grebow, Brandon Hall Group
Chris Osborn, BizLibrary

Oct 10
Thinking of Replacing Your LMS?
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Shruti Kala, Saba

Oct 15
Leveraging Your Organization's Big Data
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
John Ambrose, Skillsoft

Oct 17
The Role of Learning in Asia Pacific Talent ManagementDavid Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Steve Young, NetDimensions

Oct 24
Social Learning and Enterprise Social Networks: The Future of Learning
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Heidi Farris, Bloomfire

Oct 31
Keeping Your Brand Promise: Ensuring a Unified Brand Experience at Every Touch PointStacey Harris, Brandon Hall Group
Narayanan Raman, Interakt

Source: Brandon Hall Group

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