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Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Reach Reluctant Learners by Nancy Barile

Nancy Barile (@nancybarile), a National Board Certified Teacher shares some practical tips she learned from a former student about helping seemingly unmotivated students.

Photo: Nancy Barile
One of my favorite things about Facebook is that it allows me to connect with my former students. However, I was surprised when one student in particular—Eddie Scofield—friended me three years ago. 

Eddie and I had a fairly contentious relationship when he was my student in senior English class in 2008. There were 35 students in that class, most of whom had a mix of behavioral and academic issues. Eddie distinguished himself almost immediately as the troublemaking ringleader. On any given day he could be argumentative, sarcastic, oppositional, sometimes lazy, and definitely mischievous.  
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Source: Education Week Teacher