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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Stanford Report Shares Snapshot of Online Learning

Campus Technology summarizes, "A new report from Stanford University examining the use of online technologies and methods for delivering education says that 1.9 million people around the world have registered for one or more of the public courses taught by the California university's faculty."

According to "Stanford Online: 2013 in Review," since fall 2012 four million hours of instruction have been delivered. That delivery of massive open online courses (MOOCs) takes place on three platforms: Coursera, NovoEd and Stanford OpenEdX.

"Stanford's vision is much broader than MOOCs," said Vice Provost John Mitchell, who directs VPOL. "We're thinking about how we will best educate students for generations to come."
That exploration, he added, moves the focus away from MOOC "completion rates," and towards how participants engage with the material. "In the process, we are asking important questions: How can we help students learn more effectively? How can we better leverage classroom time? How can technology enable educators to better meet the needs of particular learners?"

Source: Campus Technology

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