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Friday, March 06, 2015

Just in Time for Pi Day: EdSurge's Five Most Popular Free Math Tools

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According to Mary Jo Madda, Associate Editor and heads up the INSTRUCT newsletter for EdSurge, "You've seen it before--our "Top S'Cool Tools of the Year" articles in late December. We're able to compile those lists because every week, our educator-specific INSTRUCT newsletter contains a section called S’Cool Tools,” where we list either popular or up-and-coming edtech tools. And when we track the number of clicks in the newsletters, it's easy to see that some tools rise to the top over others."

Photo: EdSurge

In the spirit of annual 3/14 Pi Day celebrations everywhere, we decided to do a tools grab-bag article again, but with a little flair. We've combed through the last twelve months of INSTRUCT newsletters--every single section, including "S'Cool Tools" and "Subject-Specific"--and found the five math products that made you the most click-happy. 

Without further ado, we give you the top five most popular math tools from the last 365 days. And guess what? They're all free.

Source: EdSurge

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