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Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Succeed in Math by Kidzworld

"How can you succeed in math? 
Kidzworld has a few basic things that you can do to help you with this difficult subject."

Did you know that the left side of your brain is the side responsible for math success? 
Photo: Kidzworld
Imagine asking a group of students at your school what subject they find most challenging. What do you think they would say? Chances are, many of them would cry out, loud and clear, "Math!" Why is math so hard, anyway? How can you get better at it? Let's find out!

Why is Math so Hard?
Everyone has a different opinion on this question. Some scientists believe that each person is inclined to either the left or right side of the brain. The left side represents logical, mathematical thinking, whereas the right side is more responsive to artistic and creative endeavors. Maybe you identify as a right side of the brain person. Don't let that stop you from succeeding in math! Here are some helpful tips for how to improve your math grade and, more importantly, actually understand the math that you are doing. 

Source: Kidzworld