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Friday, September 09, 2016

INCubatoredu Combines with Mobile Makers Academy to Form Uncharted Learning – A Not-for-Profit Designed to Innovate Highly Experiential Education Programs | Business Wire

"Business entrepreneurship education program INCubatoredu is combining with Mobile Makers Academy in a newly named not-for-profit organization called Uncharted Learning." continues Business Wire.

INCubatoredu co-founder Michael Miles said Uncharted Learning is positioned to advance entrepreneurship education with new and highly experiential programs.

Mobile Makers Academy provides students and teachers with training in mobile app development using Apple's newest coding language, Swift. These modern and highly relevant technical abilities prepare students for today's workforce.

"We are excited to join forces with Mobile Makers Academy and to add their expertise in building student literacy in coding mobile apps," said Miles. "Innovative mobile apps are redefining entrepreneurial businesses with new and powerful tools to address everyday needs. We expect this addition to our portfolio to be wildly popular with administrators and students," Miles added.

Uncharted Learning's K-12 offerings will include INCubatoredu's entrepreneurship programs as well as Mobile Makers' iOS coding programs.