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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Broad-Spectrum Online Teaching Reference Guide | Magna Publications

Be sure to check out and give your faculty online teaching strategies ranging from building a successful start of the semester, fostering productive connections, managing challenging behavior in the online classroom, and enhancing student engagement. 

Online education is a major force in higher education today. Because the field is evolving so quickly, many have a hard time keeping up with the wide-ranging impact this new technology has on how teachers teach.
This includes online faculty. Although experienced online educators may be searching for guidance to move to the next level, first-time online instructors can be struggling to find their way in cyber space.
Fortunately, Teaching Strategies for the Online Classroom: A Collection of Articles for Faculty is the perfect resource guide for online faculty at all stages of their careers. Consider it a broad-spectrum reference guide. This new book is a compilation of content generated by academic experts for the Online Classroom newsletter, Magna Online Seminars, and Magna 20-Minute Mentors.
In four well-organized modules, Teaching Strategies for the Online Classroom covers best practices in kicking off new courses, building rapport with students, establishing classroom management practices for online courses, and applying techniques for engaging students. This simple structure makes it easy and convenient for faculty members to zero in on material that addresses their specific, individual interests.
Readers will learn:
  • Innovative techniques for establishing an effective online instructor presence
  • Multiple strategies for establishing rapport with students
  • Best practices for managing the online classroom
  • Proven approaches for enhancing student engagement
  • Practical tips for maximizing the positive impact of online discussion
When online faculty have the tools they need to fulfill their potential as educators, the benefits to your institution are legion. Online faculty job satisfaction and retention rates go up, along with student engagement and success.
Take advantage of this opportunity to provide online teaching faculty members with a resource they can use across all stages of their development. Order Teaching Strategies for the Online Classroom: A Collection of Articles for Faculty today! 

Source: Magna Publications

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