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Sunday, March 12, 2017

You can use this machine learning demo to roll Keanu Reeves’ (or anyone’s) eyes | The Verge

Photo: Lizzie Plaugic
"Another day, another fun internet thing that uses neural networks for facial manipulation." says Lizzie Plaugic, On The Verge since Jan 12, 2015.

This time it’s DeepWarp, a demo created by Yaroslav Ganin, Daniil Kononenko, Diana Sungatullina, and Victor Lempitsky, that uses deep architecture to move human eyeballs in a still image.

First spotted by Prosthetic Knowledge, DeepWarp is focused on realistic “gaze manipulation.” The authors of the demo acknowledge that similar projects already exist (like the smile-manipulator FaceApp), but without such a singular, detailed focus.

The authors note that their findings in this study could be applied to solve real-world issues of eye movement, like for “gaze correction in video conferencing.” It could also be useful for “talking head” scenarios, when reliance on a teleprompter shifts a person’s line of sight away from the camera. 

The demo is available to try here. All you need to do is choose an image (horizontal seems to work best) featuring a person facing forward. After you upload that image, you can pick one of four eye-movement options, including roll and cross. DeepWarp will spit out an mp4 file of the resulting googly-eyed person. I tried this using images of Keanu Reeves and several dogs, but the demo didn’t work with the dogs.

Source: The Verge