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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

3 Ways To Improve Cultural Intelligence Training With Mobile Microlearning | eLearning Industry - Corporate eLearning

Photo: Kristin Garn
What are some of the most important 21st century job skills and how can you make sure you are supporting your workforce in developing those skills? This article by Kristin Garn, author and researcher in Learning Sciences will help you learning about Cultural Intelligence and how to use mobile microlearning to improve your diversity training.

Photo: eLearning Industry

Let’s be honest: Some topics are tough to train. Frankly, there are training topics that can launch us right back to that anxious feeling like we are in a middle school health class, squirming with deep feelings of discomfort. When people are uncomfortable and distracted, learning can be compromised.

And yet, tough training topics can also be some of the most important ones for your staff since many of them carry big liability and risk implications (such as bullying and harassment training) or have huge effects on business success (such as drug and alcohol policy training).

One such topic is diversity training. If you are a Learning and Development Director and you have a group of people who are excited to begin diversity training, then you should probably write a book or start a YouTube channel because you have mastered a tough training topic that makes many people very uncomfortable.

For most, diversity training is a difficult subject and is notoriously an area where training runs the risk of being ineffective and the resulting business gains remain elusive. Making use of mobile for self-directed learning can help you to break down the components of this topic and improve your training outcomes.

Why Diversity Training Matters 
If you connect skills to job effectiveness, then there is a strong argument for helping your team develop ways that help them work more effectively, especially when they interact with each other and your customers. Furthermore, if they can extend those effective interactions and bridge them across different cultural contexts, then they are developing an essential 21st century job skill that is a foundation for diversity training: Cultural Intelligence.

What Is Cultural Intelligence? 
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is sometimes considered the theoretical basis that underlies a good diversity training approach. It is defined as an individual’s or an organization’s ability to remain knowledgeable, respectful, and productive in a variety of cultural contexts.
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