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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Editor's Hand Picked Headline News

Creative Assessment with Handhelds

For the past 3 years Tony Wheeler have been working on the e-scape (e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments) project at TERU (Technology Education Research Unit) Based at Goldsmiths University, the project is funded by DfES and QCA in association with Edexcel and AQA awarding bodies.

Source: Handheld Learning

Tony is the founder, director and senior partner of the New Blue Door education consultancy and a senior research fellow at TERU, Goldsmiths, University of London, contributing to the e-scape assessment project. He also co-established TAG Learning, now regarded as one of the leading independent publishers and suppliers of creative ICT resources to UK schools.

Next Generation Interactive Classroom software dramatically expands teaching possibilities

Interwrite Learning today unveiled Interwrite Workspace, a next generation educational software application for creating, teaching and assessing student performance using digital content. Used in concert with an Interwrite Board, Pad, Panel or student response system, Workspace provides teachers the means to interact with any form of digital content, while engaging their students in a way never before possible.
Interwrite Workspace comes with several new notable features, including:

  • Interwrite Sims, a library of instructional animations that provide an engaging interactive learning experienceInterwrite Images, a comprehensive library of educational clip art covering a diverse range of topics and grade levels
  • Interwrite Lessons, an online library of searchable, state-aligned interactive lessons created by teachers
  • Interwrite Multimedia, a family of integrated media tools - including Flash, video, and audio player - to increase interactivity of any existing media content
  • Over 50 instructional tools that empower the teacher in their interactive classroom environment.


New Cable in the Classroom podcasts aim to inspire learning

Cable in the Classroom, a nonprofit educational outreach program from the cable television industry, has launched a new podcast series called "Kids. Cable. Learning." New podcasts are posted regularly, giving school stakeholders insights into innovative leaders, trendsetters, and others from the intersection of the education, technology, and cable TV communities.


Source: eSchool News