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Monday, May 28, 2007

The World of Mathematical Equations

Equations play a crucial role in modern mathematics and form the basis for mathematical modelling of numerous phenomena and processes in science and engineering.

I've just recently come across this EqWorld website. The EqWorld help the widest possible audience of researchers, university teachers, engineers and students to sail more easily through the ocean mathematical equations (differential, integral, functional, etc.) and their solutions.

The EqWorld web site will:

  • inform about the most important mathematical equations and their solutions
  • provide support for the available handbooks on mathematical equations by placing new equations, solutions and transformations on the site pages
  • present brief descriptions of various methods for solving mathematical equations, illustrating them with specific examples
  • give exercises on methods for solving equations, which may be useful for teaching graduate, postgraduate and PhD students in appropriate specialities
  • offer information about mathematical websites, publishers, journals, books, etc.
    place interesting papers and other material on mathematical equations.

All resources presented on this site are free.

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