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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Executive Summary HELIOS report 2007

Is e-Learning contributing to Innovation of the European Society?

Take a look at some highlights on this issue by downloading the Executive Summary of the HELIOS Yearly Report 2007 "e-Learning for Innovation".
Download the Executive Summary HELIOS report 2007

The concepts and ideas above are outlined are expanded in the HELIOS Yearly Report 2007, which is articulated as follows:

  • Chapter 2 – e-Learning Contribution to European Policy Objectives presents the main outcomes of the HELIOS thematic analysis on the extent to which e-Learning contributes to: increasing access to learning, improving employability, fostering personal development and citizenship, supporting internationalisation and innovation of Education and Training systems, fostering organisational change. .
  • Chapter 3 – e-Learning for Innovation presents the state of development of e-Learning in Europe through the analysis of the evolving ‘e-Learning territories’, the concept introduced in the HELIOS Yearly Report 2006 to define the combinations of different aims, methods, learning patrimonies and value orientation that - better than traditional education and training sectors - may help to understand the different speed and different evolution paths of ICT for learning. .
  • Chapter 4 – Foresight on e-Learning Developments - In and around the 2.0 (R-) Evolution provides an insight on the most significant expected trends in e-Learning developments for the years to come. .
    Chapter 5 – In the Agenda presents the concluding remarks resulting from the HELIOS study on e-Learning developments in Europe in 2006/2007. .
  • Chapter 6 – Building the European Observatory presents the main conclusions and recommendations in view of a European Observatory on e-Learning for innovation.

The HELIOS Yearly Report 2007 is the result of two years of research work coordinated by the HELIOS consortium and involving major EU eLearning actors.
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