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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Look at the New Online Learning Video Today at the Top of My Weblog

Anytime, Anywhere: Online Learning Shapes the Future

Is the future of learning online? writes Schools That Work, Edutopia

"Not exclusively. But online learning is expanding access to knowledge and personalizing learning in schools across the country. In regions where teachers (and resources) are in scarce supply, it is an essential solution."

Schools and districts around the country are discovering the benefits of online learning: flexible scheduling, personalized learning, and expanded course offerings despite budget cuts.
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About Schools That Work

In this series, Schools That Work, Edutopia takes a deep look at what school successes are made of. How principals and teachers, parents and students, and schools and districts collaborate to change the futures of their young people.
We share with you the blueprints that the change makers used -- the contracts, lesson plans, and teacher training tools that could be relevant to your school and your path to change.
And one more thing: In our groups and discussions, we put you together with teachers and administrators from around the country trying to make the same improvements in their schools. You will discover how reform comes to life, and how it succeeds.

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